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Queens College, Cambridge

A complete redesign of the catering facility at Queens College, prompted Kuppersbusch distributor Welequip Limited to involve the company in the provision of the servers system at this famous college in the university City of Cambridge.

Working closely with both Welequip and the college itself, Kuppersbusch were tasked with manufacturing and installing a complete server system that, whilst being visually stunning could also provide a high level of flexibility and functionality.

The site had a number of physical constraints, being a listed building. Kuppersbusch laid the refrigeration pipework in the cellars too weeks before the main installation as it was not possible for the compressors to be seen above ground. Similarly a concrete pillar within the servery itself had to remain untouched. These and other considerations made for a challenging but ultimately rewarding project.

The Groku factory in Kampen, Holland, where the units are all made to order were actively involved at many stages along the way and were integral in ensuring that the final product was delivered to specification, and on time. In fact the area was handed over two days early, enabling the college to do likewise with its service.

The system included a starters unit, a central salad bar, ambient and refrigerated merchandisers, ambient beverage counters and a full hot servery. Within the hot servery Kuppersbusch provided a number of its Cook&Look front of house units, which were incorporated in such a way as to enable the college to change its food offer day by day - Induction works for the stir fry, pasta cookers and VITRO Ceramic hobs gave the college complete flexibility when it came to theatre cooking.

The tops were constructed from GrokuStone - a composite granite interspersed with mirror flecks. These were in both blank and green.

The success of this project has illustrated the strengths Kuppersbusch has within its portfolio, being somewhat of a departure from the main core primary cooking products.

The overall value of the project was £250,000, the Kuppersbusch element accounting for £147,000.

Project Images

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