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SOFINOR SAS is a leading French manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment since 1961. The SOFINOR know-how has been forged over more than 55 years. Innovation, entrepreneurship and the prerequisite of quality have always been the driving force…

With over 2000 product lines: equipment designed for intensive use in commercial kitchens, food preparation areas and places where hygiene, safety and ergonomics are of paramount importance.

Whatever their destination and function all of the SOFINOR products have been designed with these three criteria at the forefront and it is this prerequisite, applied systematically across the whole production process that has built the reputation of SOFINOR in over 90 countries across the globe.

From knee operated wash-hand basins and taps to knife sterilisers, preparation tabling and trollies to innovative shelving and hygiene stations, SOFINOR has equipment for every area of a commercial food production facility.

In addition to the comprehensive product range, the ethics behind it encompasses all aspects of sustainable manufacturing – low consumption fibre optic lasers which replace rare gases with diode technology, 90% recycled packaging, regional suppliers and a constant evaluation of the manufacturing process all reinforce the SOFINOR credentials as a truly green manufacturer and this can be seen in the products themselves - wash hand basins that use less than one third of water compared to a conventional basin for example.

The unique MIXEN30 is a revolutionary juicing concept which eliminates the use of traditional blenders and jugs by blending the product directly in the glass – also removing the need for storage and cleaning space, alllowing the operator to convert the saved space into additional seating or merchandising capacity and thereby maximising the profitability of the space available. With options in static, built-in and mobile, the MIXEN30 is an ideal solution for retail, health clubs and event catering.

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