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Established in 1982, Sicotronic is the leading developer and manufacturer of energy optimisation systems for the commercial kitchen industry, providing innovative energy management systems to avoid the peak power charges associated with electrical consumption.

Accounting and charging using the basis of peak consumption has remained a common way of billing for electricity. However the fact remains that the less energy is consumed the less the customer is charged and this is where Sicotronic comes into its own. Sicotronic investigates and measures electrical consumption and changes the way in which peak consumption is calculated by using intelligent energy optimisation software and modules and redistributing the energy demands on a time basis in a manner that does not disrupt working practices, meaning that energy consumption is substantially and permanently below the recognised connected value. The system achieves this through targeted, time and short term redistribution of the individual energy requirements of each piece of equipment without interrupting the operating cycle of that appliance.

Peak loads in commercial kitchens often occur by chance and can be avoided. In most instances, appliances are switched on and off manually, meaning they are often running constantly. Peak loads are triggered by the simultaneity of the load consuming appliances and that is what Sicotronic manages and reduces – on average anywhere between 15 and 40%. Every action is recorded via the Sicotronic control panel and provides a full record of electrical usage and savings. With energy costs due to only rise, this saving is going to get more important.

The benefits are clear to see for everyone and in addition to the reduction in peak power charging, the system is an ideal solution for sites where obtaining the electrical capacity requirement needed can be a problem.

In addition to the main features, the system can also monitor cold room temperatures and provide an alarm function should the temperatures fluctuate beyond acceptable parameters. The kitchen ventilation system can also be linked to function only when appliances are calling for power, thereby offering further potential savings and the system can also set times for appliances to restrict the days and times when they can be turned on and off – for example a bains marie in a servery set up can be programmed to only come on at 11.30am in preparation for lunch service and turn off at 2.30pm, stopping the wasted energy consumption that would be used outside of those times.

The system is not restricted to catering appliances only – it is possible to link in laundry and even sauna and swimming pool heaters in hotels and resorts for example.

Many European manufacturers are already working with Sicotronic and for those that are not, the process to integrate them into the system is relatively simple – Sicotronic uses a DIN18875 interface to allow the transfer of data from the appliance to the monitoring system itself and Sicotronic can supply the relevant information to ensure that the equipment to be monitored can be prepared to be integrated into the system.

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