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Lavezzini, founded in 1983 as a manufacturer in the world of vacuum packaging made its name originally with the invention of the first vacuum packing machine with external aspiration, introducing a completely new idea of vacuum packing.

Thanks to its direct experience in this field and the level of expertise in product development Lavezzini has continued improving and widening its range of products and now manufactures a fully comprehensive range of models from a small domestic unit all the way through to a professional series of chamber vacuum packaging machines, which are available in table-top, freestanding floormounted, single and double chamber and in either easy-to-use manual versions or the completely flexible programmable models.

Lavezzini’s driving aim has always been the provision of a full and complete service to its commercial partners, to build a true partnership in which the sale of a single vacuum packaging machine is just the starting point.

A continuous programme of research and development resulting in improvements to the products have allowed Lavezzini to be active worldwide and the company is recognised as a leader in the vacuum packaging industry.

In addition to the vacuum packing units, the range is complemented with the inclusion of sous-vide water baths and all of the necessary accessories to create a full sous–vide production system. Bags, thermo-sealers and storage containers are all available and every vacuum packing machine is covered with a TWO year warranty

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