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Inotech have been manufacturing rotisseries since 1989 and now have over 10000 installations worldwide.

A division of Sofinor SAS, a leading French manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment since 1961, Inotech specialises in both gas and electric rotisseries, hot and cold display equipment all of the necessary accessories to bring theatre to any front of house cooking operation.

Luxury, tradition and performance – the hallmarks of an Inotech Rotisserie. Whether its for use in a front of house theatre cooking environment, a butchery display, the Inotech range of rotisseries brings an unequalled elegance to the fore. Available either in stainless steel or in black, blue or red enamel, these classic finishes emphasise the true spirit of this very traditional method of cooking.

With different models able to accommodate up to six chickens per spit and adjustable to enable different cuts of meat to be cooked, both horizontally and vertically, the Inotech rotisseries are the preferred choice for anyone serious about rotisserie cooking.

With a full range of accessories and base cabinets to complement the units and models designed for performance as well as theatre, Inotech are able to advise on the best solution, whether it be for a high quality exclusive restaurant setting, a butchery operation or supermarket merchandising.

Gas Wall of Flames : Models include the Seduction & Mini Seduction – for inside use; the Legend and US legend, which can be used both inside and outside and the Planetary, which again can be used both inside and outside.

Radiant Gas units include the Prelude2, Comfort and Comfort Plus – all of which are suitable for inside and outside use.

Electric versions include the Autoclean unit with an automatic cleaning system and capable of accommodating up to 32 birds. In addition a number of the electric models are feature the same decorative finishes as the Gas Wall of Flames units, making them suitable for sites where gas is not an available option.

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