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Every kitchen relies on several factors working together to perform to its best. Ergonomic design and workflows; Chefs working in perfect synergy; supreme ingredients and flawless hygiene. Too often levels of hygiene are compromised. Dirt traps, poor layout and difficulties in cleaning effectively are all too common. But this need not be the case. Hyginox is the only UK fabrication to offer European DIN H2 Hygiene as standard.

Perfectly suited for many applications including food and drink manufacture, meat and dairy processing, catering, front of house and open commercial, domestic and semi-domestic kitchens, pharmaceutical and medical, Hyginox can be plinth mounted, on legs or castors and has a custom built worktop – either counter style, overlit bar or servery style with drop-in units incorporated.

With fully radiussed internal corners and with no internal joints, potential dirt-traps are eliminated, reducing the risk of contamination and pest infestation. They also provide the means to completely wash down with no possibility of water ingress – further removing another key factor for bacterial growth – that of static moisture.

The bespoke, but modular design of the cabinets, in food grade and marine stainless steel, can be tailored to your exact requirement and include cupboards, drawers, integrated refrigeration and freezer units and can be mounted on legs castors or plinths. Whether you are an architect, designer, consultant or private owner, why not benefit from Hyginox's elevated hygiene, versatility and stunning aesthetic.

Cuisine Europe are an authorised UK agent for Hyginox UK and provide full sales and project management support. To find out how we can help your business please contact us.

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